They say Tea is like a hug in a cup! How true! There’s nothing like a hot cuppa to keep you warm in the winter, energized in the summer, cheer you up when you’re depressed or calm you when you’re excited. It’s one of those beverages that are instantly therapeutic.

We all have at least one… or two… or twenty “tea people” in our lives. Whether it’s your Mother, Grandma, or Men in your life (we won’t embarrass them) “leaf” it to us to come up with a list of thoughtful yet quirky gifts for those who are hopelessly addicted:


1.      Chai Kit – A pretty little chai kit with a dozen compartments labelled with different kinds of teas could make any tea lover happy. This gift has a bit of magical charm to it – the theatre of picking out which tea to brew, grabbing a handful, tossing it into a pot of boiling water and then drinking the heady, aromatic concoction. Something out of a fairy tale, don’t you think?


2.      Funky Chai Glasses – How about gifting a set of chai glasses [A1] with a desi twist? These come in bright colours and city-specific puns; a sure hit. This gift is ideal for those who want to travel down the memory lane; particularly those days of savouring road side “cutting” chai. Or have moved to the firangi land and want to connect to their ‘ghar ki mitti’!


3.      Tea –Inspired Jewellery – Gift your tea-loving sister or BFF a ring with a tea cup on the top and a matching necklace featuring a tea pot! You can choose from – vintage, porcelain and even hipster! Personally, we love the charm bracelet with tea themed charms on it!


4.      Teapot – With great brewing comes great responsibilites! Again, there are dozens of options to choose from. Chinese teapots are made of porcelain with detailed illustrations and scenic landscapes. Genie styled tea pots made of brass with extremely long spouts have a middle-eastern vibe around it! You also find modern tea pots which are simple and minimalistic, jewelled tea pots, colour changing pots, themed tea pots (shaped like a pumpkin) or glass tea pots where one can watch tea slowly infuse and work its golden magic in the water.


5.      Tea Kettle Lamp – Charming and romantic, isn’t it? But, this tea kettle doesn’t pour a cup! Hallelujah! Yes, it’s a tea kettle lamp[A2] . It will sit pretty at a side table and illuminate the corner; making your friend remember you every time she sips her tea.


6.      Tea Cups –  Isn’t it amazing how one can add a modern twist to the everyday ceramic cups?A wine glass stem with a tea cup or a fancy tea cup with graffiti on it are lovely out-of-the-box picks! Personalized mugs are great last minute buys.


7.      Serving Trays – Did you just raise your eyebrows? Believe us, they are not your regular plastic serving trays but themed wooden ones with pretty images of tea cups and kettles. With these trays screaming ‘chai time[A3] , they make an ideal gift.


8.      Tea Infusers – Tea infusers come in all shapes and sizes. An over turned umbrella with the curved handle resting on the edge of your cup, a candy cane, a robot… you have endless options to pick from. Imagine what fun it would be to dunk an Eiffel Tower shaped infuser in your cup!


9.      Sugar Lace Doilies – These little babies are the patterns of sugar that you can drop in your tea and watch them dissolve in minutes. They look so pretty and delicate, you’d wish they never melted away.


10.  Engraved Spoons – Engrave a message on a spoon for your special tea lover and it’s guaranteed that they would think of you every time they stir a cup. The best part? It’s a gift that would last forever!

Whether your loved one is a casual sipper or a lifetime tea devotee, you’re sure to make them smile by adding one of these ingenious gifts to their brew!


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