5 Accessories That Can Change Your Look!

5 Accessories That Can Change Your Look!

A girl’s life is all about that little bit of metamorphosis and that little bit of magic. It took Cinderella a fairy godmother to transform her rags to royal gowns…but hey, we’re modern women: we are our own fairy godmothers! Here’s taking a look at some funky accessories that can revolutionise your look and your perception of fashion!

Stoles and Scarves: Let the drapes do the talking!

There’s no better way to jazz up your look with colour and prints than funky stoles and scarves. Whether you’re going for a plain faded jeans and black t-shirt look or an LBD or even a flowing skirt paired with a plain top, these extra layers of colour will spice up your appearance. Aztec prints and polka prints are back in fashion...and cannot wait to adorn your vibrancy! If you’re going for a simple ensemble, try and colour code your scarf and footwear. Trust us, this is a trick that always works!

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Clutches: Hold on to your fashion quotient!

This year, ditch the boring purses and handbags and go instead for the FUNKY clutches. There’s just something else about a lady who carries herself (and her belongings well)! Clutches not only add a dimension of elegance and dignity to your look, they complement both formal and informal wear equally well. A special recommendation would be qirky n trendy prints especially if you’re someone who likes to dress down usually.

Belts: Want not, Waist Knot

Surprise yourself with a funky metal belt teemed with a plain black top and your favourite ripped jeans. You can also go for the cloth-belts that are gradually gaining popularity and are definitely the best thing to happen to mankind, post insulin and Facebook, of course. Belts can jazz up even the most boring and casual of looks and well…solve issues pertaining to sudden weight loss and bad buys. (We’ve all been through them, don’t worry!) Another great iconic style is to wear your belts around classy dresses. Not only do they help to break the monochrome, but also make you appear sophisticated.

Watches: Time is on your side.

Yes, it’s your time Ladies! Women with a smile on their lips, a kind word on their tongues and style around their wrists never go out of fashion! The best thing about a watch is that utility comes along with grace and style. Watches give you that ‘she-means-business-bro’ edge that sets you apart. Watches also provide a great platform for experimentation; remember your grandfather’s large watch which no one wants anymore? Why not pair that up with your classic evening gown? Not only will it bring back fond memories, it will also establish you as The Fashionista in your circle!


Funky Neckpieces: Wear your heart around your neck!

There’s no end to the praise that can be heaped on neckpieces. There was a time, of course, when they went out of fashion and large earrings and hoops dominated the fashion scene but good news for those heavy hearts that lie lonely in some forgotten box: time has firmly established that they can  never go out of fashion! Be it those fancy, heavy chokers K-serials popularised or those light long-chained pendants that you went crazy about in your teenage years or even the simple deep-set artsy necklaces your mother wore with her best sarees… eye-catching neckpieces are (one of) the best hugs a lady can receive.


Girl Power! Don’t let those self-assuming fashionistas look down on you. Dazzle the world with your vibrancy and uniqueness every single day…your beauty lies in your magic. J

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