5 Cushion Cover Trends for summer 2015

5 Cushion Cover Trends for summer 2015

More than just being the cuddliest piece on the couch, cushions have increasingly become a home décor accessory. It’s a versatile piece that can add style, color, comfort and coziness to any space. But don’t get stumped on how to select the right cushion covers for your abode. It’s actually quite easy to change the look of your home by simply changing the cushion covers.  As the summer is here, it’s essential to change the old cushion covers with hot color schemes and rugged fabrics. You need something that’s light, fresh and breezy.

Check out these cool cushion cover trends for summer 2015 and get a vibe of freshness in your home.

1. Pastels

What can be better than these pastel shades to make your room look cool and pleasant?  Pastels like yellows, sky blue, peach, mint and turquoise can go with different color schemes and thus can easily be part of your beautiful home. Pastels are great at highlighting textures, so if your couch upholstery is satin or suede or tweed, these colours add a certain amount of depth and complexity to the look.



2. Nature Inspired Collection

In summer, you can hear the birds chirping merrily away and can feel the cool shade of the green trees. Everything gets brighter and happier in the summer. Now you can capture a glimpse of nature on your cushion covers and feel like you are outdoors enjoying a cup of iced tea on a bright sunny day. Floral cushions are something one can never tire of. Classic pieces in shades of red, orange and pink give out a very “holidayesque” vibe. If putting vases of flowers around the house is not your style, you’re sure to love these pieces.



3. Abstract


Choose to be as daring as you want- it’s time to add a vibe of fun and frolic to your home. Choose things that are out of the box, as anything that’s abstract is super cool and artistic. These bizarre abstract prints will not only make your guests gaze upon it, but also make them covet these unique possessions. Be the trend setter by sporting these funky cushion covers. You are bound to receive ample acknowledgement for having such a quirky fashion sense.

4. Summer Hues

Cushion covers with fresh, bright and vibrant looking hues are must haves for summer. These zealous hues will infuse energy and liveliness in the atmosphere. Have an eye for cushion covers with splashes of colors which are aesthetically appealing. Colourful cushions add a pop of colour to an otherwise drab looking space; so go ahead and experiment with spots, triangles and randomly splashed colour pieces.



5.  Ethnic           

Ethnic fabrics, upholstery and prints look like they will be a popular trend this year. Such pieces not only break the monotony of bland interiors, but can add pizzazz to your home. So if you see a cushion cover print, with vintage or a cultural touch to it, then don’t shy away. These ethnic prints will never go stale and will make your home look royal. You will love the traditional look and feel these cushions shine their way through minimalist walls and furniture.



These latest cushion cover trends will definitely give your home an instant makeover. Also remember that it’s all about making new rules, so place cushions in odd numbers around the sitting area. Mix and match the cushions with some solid and some printed cushion covers. You can also have a combination of few big and small cushions on the couch. (Cute isn’t it?) Also, remember stick to fabrics that are cool and preferably eco-friendly like cotton and linen.



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